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AARTIC LGV Training Services Ltd
Copper Court, New Mill Court
Swansea Enterprise Park, Swansea SA7 9EH
AARTIC LGV Training Services Ltd
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AARTIC LGV Training Services Ltd

T : 01792 928232

M : 07957 661952

M : 07957 661956


Welcome to AARTIC LGV Training Services Ltd 

Providing professional driver training  


Our expertise is in Logistics and Transport Training Solutions. Our core business is delivery of

Master Driver CPC

We will also accept  bookings for:

  • Cat B intensive courses
  • Car and trailer (B+E) 
  • Caravan towing, reversing, unhitch/Hitch,refresher courses,on and off road 
  • C1/D1 courses specialised for Ambulance service trainees
  • C
  • C+E
  • D
  • SKID CAR Training (Skid Car Swansea) 
  •  (Corporate use or Skid correction training/awareness for professional drivers).


The DCPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) 


Driver Certificate of Professional Competance


The DCPC is an EU programme which aims to improve driving standards and road safety throughout all EU member states. All professional Lorry drivers must obtain a Driver CPC if they wish to continue to drive for a living.

The Driver CPC is obtained by attending an approved training course at an approved training centre.  This applies to the Driver CPC initial qualification for new drivers and Driver CPC periodic training for existing Drivers. 



Initial Qualification  

All NEW large goods vehicle drivers who wish to drive vocationally must PASS the following tests to gain their initial DCPC qualification: 

Module 1: Theory test and hazard perception 
Module 2: Driver CPC case study test
Module 3: Practical DSA driving test 
Module 4: Driver CPC test for vehicle safety, completed at a DSA test location.


Periodic Training

All Professional Drivers must undergo 35 hours of periodic training, delivered by a JAUPT Approved Provider every 5 years, in order to maintain their entitlement to drive professionally.  The 35 hours can be split into 1 day sessions, with duration 7 hours.(We are permitted to deliver 3.5 Hr eveninig/Weekend courses covering a 24 Hour period). 






The DEADLINE  for Driver CPC  PCV Training is 9th September 2013 ! For LGV it is 9th September 2014 - by those dates commercial drivers MUST have completed 35 hours of periodic training and hold a Drivers Qualification Card (DQC).


AARTIC LGV Training Services Ltd (AARTIC TS Ltd) will work with you to help identify the most practical, efficient and cost-effective way to manage your Driver CPC training programme to suit your business requirements and drivers’ training needs.
With a variety of courses available and the option to train your drivers at your premises or at our Swansea City Centre office, we have training solutions to suit you.


In order to make the most of the compulsory Driver CPC training requirements, it is important that you see tangible returns on your training investment.

To help you get the very best out of your training, first identify your organisation’s priorities and objectives before deciding which courses to choose. To help you decide.

Step 1: Identify your driver/company objectives

Step 2: Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation

Step 3: Choose modules you require by looking at our MATRIX below. We can mix and match all 3.5 hours sessions to provide 45 JAUPT approved courses.We also have the flexibility to insert your company information in your bespoke course.

Course Matrix

Call us on 01792 928232 or visit the contact us page with your requirements and we can tailor a training plan that best suits your organisation.Also we are happy to visit your business and showcase our courses.  

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Whatever your driver training requirements, contact us to book in for the course or visit our web site below.


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