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AWRS GROUP - Swansea
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Voltage optimisation

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Tel: 01792 813260

Mob: 07879 618307

AWRS GROUP - Swansea

TEL: 01792 813260

MOB: 07879 618307




Welcome to Anglo Welsh Renewable Solutions Based in Swansea. 

We provide a end to end service to allow you to reduce your carbon footprint without expensive refubishment costs.Reduce the amount of electricity you use by reducing the voltage to work more efficently. Increase the life span of your electrical appliances therefor saving you more money. Although based in Swansea we cover the whole of the UK and welcome you to give us a call to help you save money on your energy costs.


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Domestic Solutions

Domestic voltage optimisation is based on exactly the same principles as that of commercial voltage optimisation. Simply: the voltage supplied is higher than that which is needed; so consumers are paying for excess energy that their appliances don’t need.

Since the early 90’s all appliances sold in the UK have had to work across the EU range of voltage (207V to 253V), yet electricity is supplied in the UK typically at the higher end of the statutory scale - around 245 volts.

Domestic voltage optimisation reduces the incoming voltage to a set level, permitting the appliance to work more efficiently, but crucially, use less electricity too - therefore reducing the energy bill for the tenant.

By optimising the voltage, energy waste is reduced - and as a such tenants’ energy bills are reduced. With savings of up to 12% off domestic electricity bills.


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Commercial Solutions

In the UK electricity supplied to any building can legally, vary between 216V and 253V (230V +10/-6%). In order to maintain the supply on the network to all consumers, your electricity provider may have to supply you at a voltage in the upper end of this range. However, electrical equipment is designed to operate throughout the range.

How Does It Work?

If your supply voltage is higher than necessary then you will be consuming more power than you require. These higher supply voltages also reduce the equipments lifespan, in some instances by up to 45%, which increases the cost of ownership.

A Voltage Optimiser reduces your unnecessarily high incoming supply voltage and in a very special way and in doing so can reduce your electricity bill and carbon emissions by up to 25%.

How Much Can I Save?

It all depends on how high your existing supply voltage is, and the type of electrical equipment you have. Although it is true to say that the using Voltage Optimiser, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if your supply voltage is high you will make a large energy saving. Unfortunately, different types of electrical equipment deliver different levels of energy saving for the same reduction in voltage.

As a rule of thumb, the "right types" of equipment will deliver a 2% energy saving for every 1% reduction in supply voltage. So what are the "right types" of equipment?

Sites which have high proportion of "Voltage Dependant" items, (shown in the green box), will make higher energy savings than sites with a high proportion of "Voltage Independent" items, for the same reduction in voltage.


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With energy costs becoming an ever increasing burden on Small and Medium size companies our product line allows you to take the guess work out of electricity, gas and water consumption costs.

All Companies need to recognise the ever increasing influence that energy costs have on their profitability. Saving money on energy consumption is easy to aspire to. But difficult to achieve. Without the knowledge on when you are using energy it is virtually impossible. With Anglo Welsh Renewable Solutions Swansea it becomes a reality.


A full range of metering options can be provided. From the simplest of visual displays, all the way up to multifunctional metering and report generating, accessible from any PC in the world over the internet. Please let us know your requirements so that we can tailor this accordingly.

The Solution

We can provide monitoring of any number of approved gas, water and electrical devices, giving you secure access to your real time consumption 24 hours a data this enables you to ensure that you can make strategic business decisions on energy consumption which would enable your business not only to save money but reduce your carbon footprint.




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Anglo Welsh Renewable Solutions - Swansea is a UK based company specialising renewable energy products enhancing the green environment.  Anglo Welsh Renewable Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Thermodynamic Panels to their range of Renewable Energy products.  This exciting new product combines tried and tested technology with an innovative system concept to produce hot water & central heating for a fraction of todays cost. Thermodynamic panels are part of the next generation of green technology, overcoming the disadvantages of traditional thermal heating by working day and night and in wind and rain.

The system is capable of absorbing the solar energy all year long, even during cold periods and transferring this energy to heat space and hot water efficiently and environmentally.

The COP (Coefficient of Performance) measures the efficiency of a system and calculates energy produced (heat) for a given electrical input. The higher the COP the better.  This system is at least 20% more efficient than traditional thermal with a COP rating of 3 to 6.


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