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16 Heol Broch
Oakwood Gardens
Birchgrove, Swansea SA7 9PG
Hartson Fire
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Hartson Fire

TEL : 01792 809166 / 07971 747424


Founded in 2001 by Cyril Hartson, Hartson Fire are leading the way supplying fire safety & security products throughout Wales, e.g. fire extinguisher sales, fitted & serviced. Fire alarm systems fitted and serviced.

Contracted to major companies across Wales including NHS


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Annual service to British Standards 5306



Local business with no middle man
Competitive prices
Excellent Service


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To ensure portable units are working properly, fire extinguishers need to serviced on a regular basis.This ensures that they are up to date.

With a fire extinguisher that is regularly maintained you will have fully functioning fire equipment when you need it and is therefore essential.


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Fire Extinguisher Checks

We shall make sure that:

  • Equipment is completely accessible and not blocked by anything in its way.
  • The pressure is at a recommended level.
  • The nozzle and other parts of the device are all working as necessary.
  • No one has interfered with the pin and tamper seal.
  • There are no signs of abuse or wear and tear.

We also provide a twenty-four-hour replacement service. Replacement fire extinguishers are going to cost extra.


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