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Lilleys Day Nursery
Oak Tree Park Clinic
12 Birchgrove Road, Swansea SA7 9JR
Lilleys Day Nursery
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Lilleys Day Nursery


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Lilley's Day Nursery's aim is to provide the highest standard of childcare, in a safe and secure environment. Our happy and friendly staff ensure a caring and stimulating enviroment, where children can develop their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative skills.

Our excellent staff are well qualified and experienced in providing a high standard of care for your children. We also provide well balanced meals and everything is cooked fresh in our kitchen, including those with special dietary needs. 


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We understand that placing a child with us is a very important decision, therefore we initially encourage a viewing with you and your child to see the nursery in its day to day routine, this then also gives us the opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have. 


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Additionally we also have a secure outdoor play area where the children enjoy playing together when the weather is suitable. 


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At Lilley's Day Nursery we are aware that every child has individual needs and develops differently therefore we offer a variation of activities during the day that are both challenging and enjoyable.



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We have been established as Lilleys since January 2011 and Michelle Lilley has been managing the nursery for over 6years.

We take children for 0 to 8 years of age.

We offer full time and part time or just an hour. 

Our opening hours are 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. For any further information or to arrange a viewing please call  us.


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