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Briton Ferry, Neath SA11 2NS
Lodge Vehicle Hire
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Lodge Vehicle Hire

TEL : 01639 323333


Trading 30 years, experience - Understanding of Customer’s needs - Personal service – Discount Prices


Lodge Vehicle Hire supply small medium and large businesses, whether you’ve got just the one vehicle or a fleet, we at Lodge Vehicle Hire are specialists who will help you find the right vehicles for your needs, We can supply cars, light-commercial vehicles or specialist vehicles, short-term rentals and consultancy services.




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Businesses Large & Small choose flexible vehicle hire from Lodge Vehicle Hire as the alternative to purchase, contract hire or lease.

Flexible rental can save you money over the whole life of your vehicle. Lodge Van & Car Hire all inclusive package includes everything from servicing, tyres, maintenance, breakdown and recovery and replacement vehicles.


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Hire a vehicle for a day, aw week or months. All hire options from Lodge Vehicle Hire offer fantastic money saving and flexibility to meet the vehicle demands of your business.


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Vehicle Hire from Lodge Vehicle Hire is more than you think. It is a genuine alternative to purchasing or contract hiring vans or cars.


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If you are looking to hire a vehicle, maybe a small car or a large van, maybe for the day or even months, then give us a call at Lodge Vehicle Hire for a very competitive price.


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