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Welcome to Pandora's Box 


Pandora's Box is a little shop full of wonders , at Pandora's Box you can find beautiful gifts, dresses, handbags, jewellery, infact Pandora's Box holds many secrets, in the heart of llanelli market Pandora's Box is a must to visit.

call and see us for your shopping experience


Clothes Llanelli, Gifts Llanelli,Curiosity Shop llanelli,


For people that dare to be different  Fair Trade " GRINGO " clothes and crafts from Bali & Nepal



Pandoras Box Llanelli, Gift shop Llanelli, Clothes Shop llanelli,Curiosity Shop llanelli, Curiosity Shop llanelli, Gift Shop llanelli ,Pandoras Box Llanelli, Dresses Llanelli,


Buddha's, Dream Catches, Bohemian Sterling Silver Jewellery, Chimes,

nag champa insence,  Rag Rugs, 

Curiosity Shop llanelli, Clothes Shop Llanelli, Gringo Llanelli, Gifts llanelli,Dresses Llanelli, Gringo llanelli, Curiosity Shop llanelli,Clothes Shop llanelli, Dresses llanelli, Pandoras Box Llanelli,

Bags, Mirrors,, ( Leather & Fabric ) everything for the festival.


Padoras Box llanelli, Curiosity Shop Llanelli, Dresses Llanelli, Gift Shop Llanelli,


Who knows what you will find in the little curiosity shop


Padoras Box Llanelli, Curiosity Shop Llanelli, Dressses Llanelli, Gifts Llanelli, Pandoras Box Llanelli, Gift Shop llanelli, Curiosity Shop Llanelli,Gringos Llanelli,Dressses llanelli,Jew

Pandoras Box llanelli, Gift Shop Llanelli, Dresses llanelli, Curiosity Shop llanelli, Bags llanelli, Pandoras Box llanelli , Gift Shop Llanelli  Curiosity Shop Llanelli, Clothes Shop Llanelli,


GRINGO Fair Trade Stockist


Pandoras Box Llanelli, Gift Shop Llanelli, Curiosity Shop llanelli, Clothes Shop Llanelli, Pandoras Box llanelli, Gifts llanelli, Curiosity Shop Llanelli, Clothes Shop Llanelli,




Pandoras Box Llanelli, Curiosity Shop Llanelli, Gringo Llanelli, Clothes Shop Llanelli, Market Shop Llanelli,Gifts Llanelli,





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