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Philips Electrical Swansea

Philips Electrical Swansea

TEL : 01792 773039

TEL : 01792 411039

Fax : 01792 771477 


Philips Electrical is a well established Electrical repair, sales and parts shop based in Morriston, Swansea. We repair and supply all brands of white goods and brown goods, from washing machines to fridge freezers, from cookers to vacuum cleaners, both residential and commercial. We supply new and used goods, so whatever you are looking for or if your appliance needs a bit of attention, then give as a call or just pop in.


Phillips Electrical Supply and repair Swansea,


Fridge Freezers

Are you looking for a new fridge freezer or maybe a used one in great condition, then pop in and have a look around or give us a call to see what we have, we have an extensive range of white goods to suit all budgets.


Fridge Freezers Swansea, Fridge Freezer Repair Swansea,



Washing Machine and Tumble Dryers

Specialists in washing machine and tumble dryer repair, give us a call and we will call out to you, or if you are looking to replace it we have numerous makes and models available,


Washing machines Swansea, Tumble Dryers Swansea,

Washing machines Morriston, Tumble dryers Morriston,


Dishwashers, Cookers, Microwaves

Are you looking for a dishwasher, cooker or microwave, then look no further, we have an array of these items to choose from, all makes and sizes to suit everyone, new and reconditioned.


Cookers Swansea, H Phillips Electrical, Cookers Morriston, Range Swansea, Phillips Electrical

Microwaves Swansea, microwave repair Swansea, Microwaves Morriston, Microwave repair Morriston


Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaner, accessories, parts and service, how is your vacuum cleaner?, is it picking up as it should?, perhaps it needs new bags or belt, whatever the problem, we can help, from supplying the parts to the service of your machine.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags Swansea, Vacuum cleaner Belts Swansea,Vacuum cleaner parts Swansea,


Electrical appliance service Swansea, Phillips Swansea, Phillips Morriston,


At Phillips Electrical we pride ourselves on the best service to our customers that is possible. Give us a call and lets see what we can help you with, whether buying a new or reconditioned electrical appliance, service existing electrical appliances or if you just need the parts.Phillips Electrical in Morriston, Swansea can help.




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