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Affordable PR and Marketing Solutions for YOUR Business


PR Consultants Swansea

PR Consultants Swansea

Rocky PR is a Swansea based public relations and marketing consultancy offering businesses an efficient and effective one-stop communications shop. With more than 20 years international experience in all aspects of the marketing mix, Rocky PR can offer you a tailor-made solution to all your communications needs.  Rocky PR Consultants Swansea can offer a great service to help your business go forward. Give Rocky PR Consultants Swansea a call today and see what we can do for you.  businessonsultants    r 


PR and Marketing Solutions in Swansea  

PR Swansea

So what’s the difference?

Marketing is a direct form of communication with messages targeted at a specific audience.  It’s more like selling and is driven by consumers’ or customers’ wants and needs. The goal is to get some kind of action from your target market.

Public Relations is a facet of marketing but is a more subtle means of communicating with your target audience as your message is endorsed by someone else. Essentially PR involves creating positive relationships and these can be between a CEO and his employees, between two existing businesses, between a business and the general public and so on.   The focus is on image building and management and developing two way communications. 

Managing Your Events  

At Rocky PR we can take the headache out of your event organisation activities by providing an all inclusive, professional support service.  Whether you are planning to attend exhibitions and trade shows, arrange customer or employee events, develop a series of business briefings or seminars, we will manage the process from start to finish.

We will source and deal with the venue and catering, distribute invitations and chase up attendance, provide support at the event as well as for any follow up activities.  We can also help with your presentations, promotional materials, display stands and video or new media programmes. 

Effective Employee Communication  

PR Consultancy Swansea

Are your employees enthusiastic about their work and your business? Are they aware of exactly what you expect of them?  Are they engaged with their managers and co-workers? If you are not sure of the answers to these questions, then you need to find out.

The most effective employee communications strategies encourage two-way dialogue between management and personnel, it’s called LILI: Leading, Informing, Listening and Involving.

At Rocky PR, we have hands on expertise in the development and implementation of employee communications including


  • Employee satisfaction surveys and the development of subsequent action plans
  • Employee briefings
  • Intranet and new media content management
  • Business TV
  • Internal newsletters
  • Reward and recognition programmes



Effective employee communications can have a major impact on your productivity.  Can you afford not to communicate effectively with your people? 

Training to Communicate  

Rocky PR Swansea

No-one knows your business like you do.  No-one is as passionately involved in your business as you are.  We may be doing ourselves out of a job but at Rocky PR we believe that you and your staff are undoubtedly the best people who can promote your business directly to your target audiences.   

We can help to train you and your staff in the pro-active promotion of your business.  Whether you need to improve your direct marketing techniques or require an understanding of public relations opportunities; maybe you’re looking to improve employee communications or you’re ready and willing to speak with the media.  We can tailor a training package to meet your business needs.  

What’s more, we can access funding to support this training through a number of available grants established specifically to assist local organisations with their training requirements.  



 Rocky PR Swansea

We would love to hear from you and so that we know why you want to talk with us, please indicate which single element or combination of Rocky PR's portfolio interests you.


  • PR and Marketing Solutions
  • Managing Your Events
  • Effective Employee Communications
  •  Training to Communicate

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