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Welcome to The Munch Box Swansea, The British St Food Revolution has begun in Swansea, now you can have great tasting food in minutes from The Munch Box Swansea. The days of the greasy sausage and over done onions are well and truly over. The Munch Box Swansea Street food is all about the food we want to eat. These vendors serve up delicious meals that are prepared and cooked right in front of you. They offer only a few dishes but they do them to perfection. What’s more, they work with the seasons and use fresh local, ingredients as a matter of course, being cheaper and easier to source. 


Philly Steak Sandwich Swansea, The Munch Box Swansea,

Based in the SA1 area of Swansea,from 12.30pm to 2.30pm daily (weather permitting) in the car park behind The Dylan Thomas Centre at the beginning of the footbridge across The Tawe, with the beautiful marina to view. There is plenty of parking, so you can stop, get a great Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich or a Pulled Pork Sandwich and admire the scenery.What a great way to spend your lunchtime.

Pulled Pork Sandwich Swansea, The Munch Box Swansea,


Established in Swansea since March 2012 and proud to bring International street food to the public of Swansea, we have a few specialities to keep your mouth watering.


Why not try our:-

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich:- Slowly roasted locally sourced Welsh Beef,grilled to perfection with sweet red onions & melted cheddar, fused together with hickory smoked BBQ sauce, served in 10" of fresh Welsh bread.


Pulled Pork Sandwich:- Slow cooked for 12 hours before being steamed with apple juice, this tender Welsh Pork gets a good soaking of hickory smoked BBQ sauce, also served in fresh Welsh bread.



The Munch Box Swansea, Pulled Pork Swansea, Philly Steak Swansea,


All our meats are sourced through 3 times young butcher of the year champion-Thomas in Pontardawe.

Our Welsh bread is sourced through Wendy's division of Lewis Pies.

Philly Steak Sandwich Swansea, Munch Box Swansea,


Weekly Specials:- Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for weekly specials.


Bitchin Dogs:- Quarter pound of beef sausage, recommended with sweet red onions & chilli sauce.

Venison Burgers

Aberdeen Angus Burgers

Kick in the balls, meat balls in spicy sauce

German dishes on events requests :  Currywurst

All freshly prepared and tantalizingly tasty.


British st food Swansea, Pork sandwich Swansea, The Munch Box,


We are available for private events, parties, fund raisers, fates, carnivals and all other events or occasions.

We also operate a loyalty card scheme, please ask us when you visit.




Scan the QR code below and save to your phone contacts for future reference.

The Munch Box Swansea, Philly steak sandwich Swansea,


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Twitter : twitter@munchboxswansea

Facebook: The Munch Box


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