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Tint Centre Wales,

The Window Tinting & Vehicle Wrapping Specialists, 

Vehicles-Boats-Conservatories-Offices-Residential Homes


At Tint Centre Wales, we provide high quality window tinting solutions to both the residential and commercial sectors.

If you want to give your car a stunning make-over then our Window Tinting solutions are just for you. Whether it is for a car or a conservatory, our Window Tinting service at the Tint Centre Wales is of the highest standard.


Car window tinting swansea,

conservatory tinting swansea


Sun Protect UV+Window Film. Less Heat - Less Glare - More Protection.



 Suffered discomfort due to heat

 Reduced visibility due to glare

 Been distracted by distressed children or pets

 Experienced driver fatigue on a long journey



Fitting SunProtect UV+ window film to car glass is not just about enhancing the appearance of your vehicle- there are many significant environmental, health and safety benefits for you and your passengers.








Read on to find out more about our special SunProtect UV+ Packages, which can be applied to clear or tinted glass… 



Why fit SunProtect UV+ window film to your car’s windows?


vehicle tinting Swanseavehicle tinting Neath


Heat Insulation

Research shows that a temperature reduction of up to 10 can be achieved by fitting SunProtect UV+ heat insulating film to your car. SunProtect UV+ tinted films rejects up to 70% of the sun’s energy, significantly cutting down heat gain in your vehicle. With cooler cabin temperatures everyone enjoys a more comfortable ride.


Enhanced Fuel Efficiency


With a cooler cabin, air conditioning usage is minimised, resulting in less fuel being used to power the air conditioning. 




Protection against Harmful UV from the Sun

Driving in your car exposes you to harmful UV which can penetrate glass causing cumulative skin and eye damage.  Exposure to constant UV  especially on long journeys is also a major contributor to driver fatigue.

SunProtect UV+ blocks 99.9% of all UV radiation, protecting the driver and passengers, especially babies and young children, from its harmful effects.

Harmful UV rays and heat can also cause car upholstery to crack and fade. SunProtect UV+ also acts like a sunscreen for your cars interior, protecting it from the harsh effects of the sun. 



vehicle tinting wales



At Tint Centre Wales we specialise in Window Tinting.


Based in Swansea , South Wales, just off the M4 corridor, Tint Centre Wales uses the highest quality Window Film so that we can provide the highest quality Window Tinting service possible.


Whether you want to revamp your car with our Car Window Tinting service or you want to block harmful UV rays with our Glass Window Film, Tint Centre Wales can provide the service you are looking for.


Tint Centre Wales offers its customers the freedom to let their imaginations go wild.  The possibilities our Window Tinting packages offer is limited only by your imagination. 



At Tint Centre Wales we can totally transform your car.

With our Vehicle Wrapping service you can turn your car from the run of the mill everyday car you see on the roads to a stunning one-of-a-kind head turner.

Call us now for a free no-obligation quote and transform your car!


 Vehicle Wrapping Swansea, Wales,

Vehicle Wrapping Swansea



Adding Window Film to your conservatory Windows will not only help reduce those harmful UV rays but it can also save you money on your energy bills.

The benefits of tinting your conservatory are:

Reduces UV rays A,B & C by up to 99.9%

Reduces heatloss in the winter months by up to 20%

Reduces heat gain by up to 80%

Reduce furniture fading caused by direct exposure to the sun.

Reduce Sun Glare

Improve Skin Protection

Call Tint Centre Wales today for your free no obligation quote.


Conservatory Tinting Swansea Window tinting Swansea,



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Tint Centre Wales, Swansea

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Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday 8.30 -17.00
Saturday-Sunday -appointment only 


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