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VR VISTAS LTD - Virtual Tours Swansea
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VR VISTAS LTD - Virtual Tours Swansea

TEL: 07801 826399 


Welcome to VR Vistas. Here you will see a 360degree virtual tour of some of the businesses that we have been commissioned to produce, we can also provide the same 360degree virtual tour of your business or event, wedding, celebration, whatever it is that you would like  to promote or keep for years to come, 360degree virtual tours is the modern high spec way get your business advertised or to look back on your special day.


Check out our photo video information Page

A "Photo Video" is a video of photos, set to music with a cinematic style introduction, an animated map, animated photos and titles, subtitles and scrolling text. 




Turn Your Business around with our 360 degree Virtual Tours.

We create virtual tours specifically to give your business a competitive edge:

Virtual Tours serve as 24/7 global online marketing tools, effectively increasing enquiries and bookings.

Using Virtual Tours from VR Vistas you can gain an edge over your competitors by enhancing the standard, simple spinning view of a room or place.

We can incorporate many advanced and exclusive features inside the tour, some of which are not available from other virtual tour companies:



  • Maps, social networking sites and links to online resources
  • Videos, photos, voice overs, music and much more...
  • Innovative features including video people and enabling your visitors to appear inside your virtual tour!
  • Animations - try switching the hot tub on/off in the tour!
  • VR Vistas based in Swansea uses high quality professional photographic techniques to make your tour come alive and give your visitors the feeling that they are actually there.


VR Vistas Swansea, 360 degree virtual tours Swansea


Our goal is to turn your virtual visitors into real customers.

Do your visitors use smartphones?

Most 360 virtual tours only work on PCs but ours are available on a range of devices including the latest iPhones  and iPads.

Your choice...

  • A specific pre-designed package tour e.g.. 360 Hotel Virtual Tours;
  • A package tour tailored to your requirements;
  • A fully customised tour.


Virtual tours Swansea, VR Vistas,

Virtual Tour Swansea University Library



Panoramas of day changing to night

The aim of the tour is to capture the true ambiance of this Hotel's fantastic pool with a view to increasing the viewers desire to visit. This technique could also be applied to a venue which is used, for example, for weddings one day and conferences the next.

Virtual tours Swansea, VR VIstas


Virtual tours of Swansea and Gower

Take your visitors to Swansea and Gower virtually in a vibrant full screen immersive experience and they're sure to want to follow it up physically.

Dedicated buttons appear on each site to illustrate local features.

Flying? Start in the sky and fly high with these vividly portrayed parapents. You almost feel that you're there. Provide a YouTube video flight, the weather and tide tables and viewers are ready to go.

Clyne Gardens tours can be experienced in 360 degree panoramas, a high definition YouTube video and a full screen Flickr slide show. Look up at the trees in Bluebell Wood! All designed to make places irresistible.

Virtual Tours Swansea, Air tours Swansea, VR Vistas,


Smallest Cinema in Wales Gorseinon

This tour serves as a record of the World Premiere event, to preserve the cinema for heritage and to encourage visitors.

Automated tour On entry the viewer is automatically taken on a guided tour of the features. Unlike video footage it feels like you are there.

Video person on stage Although the host has been shrunk to fit, it's a great way to welcome any cinema goer.

Control the video playing on screen A unique record of the World Premiere Event starring Kenneth Branagh and Mark Kermode.

See yourself on screen Perhaps the ultimate in "WOW" factors. Select the red webcam button and you will appear live on screen inside the cinema. Watch the viewer react as if they were looking in a mirror!

An animated clock tells the correct time anywhere in the world.

Social networking tab increases viral networking as well as providing visitor feedback on the tour.

Many interactive activities entertain and inform the visitor.


Smallest cinema in Wales, Virtual tour Swansea,


Scan the QR code below and save to your phone contacts.

VR Vistas Swansea, Virtual Tours Swansea,

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